Start a fulfilling, innovation-driven career with Synthesis Health.

Weโ€™re a group of diverse, intellectually curious professionals dedicated to affecting meaningful change for patients and their health outcomes by empowering frontline care workers with scalable, intelligent technology. By fusing technology and medicine, we are establishing a new standard of care for how diagnostics and treatment are performed worldwide. Weโ€™re eager to meet bright minds in a variety of different fields to help us realize our goal of better care for everyone, everywhere.

Synthesis is committed to creating an inclusive, welcoming environment where employees with different backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives are welcomed and empowered to grow their careers. We offer many opportunities for development, advancement, and learning while contributing to impactful work in a culture of innovation.

We are currently hiring in the following areas:


Highly motivated individuals who hold advanced graduate degrees in one or more of the following fields: data science, machine learning, image analysis, natural language processing, or operations research. These individuals work on developing data driven solutions for the most impactful areas of medicine.

Software Developers

Talented programmers, often with advanced graduate degrees with a passion for solving difficult problems through technology. These individuals work with our research and clinical teams to develop critical components of our software platform.

Industry & Business Specialists

Experienced, passionate professionals who have a deep understanding of the healthcare field. These individuals support business operations and manage relationships with a variety of stakeholders.


Radiologists, pathologists and imaging technologists that want to work with a forward thinking, technology driven company to support highly efficient operations with room for career advancement and a focus on work-life balance.